Wing Village Hall

The Hall was opened in 1905, a gift from Leopold de Rothschild in honour of his very good friend, Charles Cotes. In 1914 it was extended to include a supper room and a billiard room. As the largest community building in the village it would play its part in the war.

When the 12th West Yorks. descended on the village in November 1914 it was given to them to use for drilling when it was too wet for using the Recreation Ground, and as part of their recreational facilities. The Hall is now the only community building used during the war that is still standing. The Parish Room and Wesleyan Chapel that also played an important part were demolished many years ago to make way for new development in the village.

Boxing Day 1914 the Hall was used by the Badminton Club for a tea party for the 12th, with a concert and dancing to follow, and when they returned in early 1915. More information here.

In the winter of 1916 the Hall started being used as a replacement for the Church in the evenings. The new regulations on black outs meant that the Church could not be used after sundown so the Hall was used instead. In October and November 1916 the Mission of Hope and Repentance used the Hall extensively, firstly for a talk to the girls, an open meeting the next night and a proper service was held there on the 3rd Nov. On 31st December 1916 a special prayer and intercession meeting was held in the Hall with 500 people in attendance. The Church and all the Chapels came together for one service with the Revd. Tatham, Rev. Fairley (Primitive Methodist), Rev. Ogden (Wesleyan) as well as the Rev. Baynes all giving a speech with regard to praying for strength and unity.

The Hall was also used for lectures and meetings by the British and Foreign Bible Society throughout the War.

In December 1914 Revd. Henry Tatham called the Hall ‘”a boon and a blessing to our men” our Hall is in war and peace.’ It is without doubt that Wing would certainly not have been able to cope without the Hall, and it certainly was, and still is, an important asset to the village.


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