The collection of eggs for the war effort was very important to send them over to the wounded abroad and at home. Empire Day in May 1916 raised 84 eggs from donations.

With the continuing need to improve egg production in February 1917 the Vicar issued a notice that the Board of Agriculture was offering sittings of eggs of pure bred fowl at 2s. 6d. a dozen. However this offer was not open to farmers, only smallholders and cottagers.

Also in this same month  the Wounded Soldiers’ Egg Flag Day was held of which 170 eggs were contributed and £13. It was reported that since the collection of eggs in Wing had started over £70 had been sent and 1,300 eggs.

Between November 1916 and February 1918 1,000 eggs had been contributed and £26 10s., due to a scarcity of eggs in the 1917/18 winter the village had donated £1 per week instead of eggs.

The children also helped to collect eggs with a Children’s Egg Week. Wing contributed 265 eggs and £7 7s. 5d. with the Schools sending 154 eggs and 14s..


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