Men wounded and on leave

June 1916:-

We are thankful and delighted to see Lieut. Anthony Rothschild home on leave after 15 months of strenuous work in the East. He was with his regiment, the Bucks Hussars, at Gallipoli, and, though wounded, remained at his post, and since the withdrawal he has been in Egypt and took part in the successful campaign against the Senussi tribe.

October 1916:-

Pte. Harry Kent is now at Netley Hospital with a severely fractured arm. Pte. Fred Horne is still at the Lincoln General Hospital, and recovering very slowly from his wound. Ptes. Frank Bryant and Horace Willis are both at home for the second time wounded. The former has been wounded three times. Pte. Harry Randall, of the Beds. Regiment, has been in hospital in Egypt suffering from enteric and internal hemorrhage. He has rallied somewhat and hopes to be soon sent home. Lionel Johnson has been recently called up, with others, and is now at Seven Oaks Camp. No news has yet to be received of Pte. Frank Pickering, who was reported “missing” more than six weeks ago. He assisted a wounded comrade back to the lines and then returned to pick up his equipment, and may have been taken prisoner.

December 1916:

We are happy to announce that Harry Samuels and Edwin Randall have been awarded the Military Cross. Frederick Horne has returned home after five months’ treatment in the Lincoln Hospital. The nerves in his right arm shattered by an explosive bullet. Though at present useless, the doctors hope to restore it in time.

February 1917:-

We have had several home on leave from abroad during the last month- among them, William Pollard, Arthur Gardner, Horace Clark, Edward Dogget, Bert Bandy, James Timms, J. Faulkner and Walter and Harry Samuels, who were fortunate in being at home at the same time. George Dimmock was reported “seriously wounded.” The last account of him gives some hope of recovery.

November 1917:-

Our wounded men seem most of them to be getting on, some at Base hospitals in France, and some in various hospitals in England, and we are constantly gladdened with the sight of men on leave (if it only wasn’t so short)! Amongst others, Mr. Long arrived on Oct. 14. He looked very well, and of course had a hearty welcome from his many friends and his boys, particularly from his Scouts.

December 1917:-

Among those now sent home on leave or just gone back we have been delighted to see Harry Bandy, William Essex, James Timms, Joseph Pease, W. Willis, Arthur Woolhead, Sidney Brown, George Taylor, Albert Bone and Fred Woodwards.


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