Volunteer Training Corps

In November 1914 Volunteer Training Corps. came into being. These men would be the ones who could not fight, for whatever reason, but could still drill and fire a gun and would be the last defence of the country against invasion.

By May 1915 there were 22 members of the Wing Company, with Mr. A. S. Heley in charge, Section Leaders being H. Gates and F. Walker. On the Whit Monday they marched to Cheddington for inspection by the 7th Earl of Buckinghamshire, Sidney Hobart-Hampden-Mercer-Henderson. They were joined by Wingrave, Linslade and Stewkley sections under Company Commander, Mr. J. R. Tarver.

By June it had risen to 28 men, with Sergt. Instructor Lawrence putting them through their paces. ‘Forty drills qualify for the efficiency badge, and members can make up their number by attending Linslade as well as Wing. The platoon is well on with rifle shooting (practice at the Littleworth butts), and several members have already won their certificate).


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