Burials 1917

Jan. 5th – Bernard Burrows, aged 79

Jan. 22nd – Francis Simpkins Windmill, aged 80

Jan 25th – James Fulcher Beard, aged 84

Mar. 26th – Henry Langley, aged 66

Mar. 26th – Jane Langley, aged 65

Mar. 29th – Jane Green, aged 61

Apr. 10th – Frederick Rose, of Burcott, aged 82

Apr. 21st – Thomas Woolhead, of Burcott, aged 84

May 5th – Matilda Roadnight, aged 41

May 6th – Annie, wife of William Meager, aged 57

May 7th – Edward William Biggs, formerly of Mount Pleasant Farm, aged 69

May 17th – Joseph Northwood, aged 38

May 26th – James Watson, aged 45

May 29th death of Mr. Leopold de Rothschild. Buried at Willesden on May 31st.

Aug. 24th – Jessie Elizabeth Payne, aged 19

Sept. 19th – Eliza Smith, of Littleworth, aged 79

Oct. 4th – Emily Staples, late of Wing, aged 67

Oct. 11th – Eunice Jones, widow, of Wing, aged 77

Nov. 19th – Vina Dimmock, aged 59

Nov. 21st – Mary Anne Bone, aged 76

Dec. 17th – Bernard Bolton, of Littleworth, aged 85

Dec. 24th – Elizabeth Gardner, widow, of Wing, aged 58

Dec. 29th – Stuart Cutler, aged 5 months


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