Baptisms 1916

Jan. 9th – Phyllis May, daughter of John Francis and Esther Elizabeth Pickering

Jan. 16th – Ethel Stella, daughter of Edward James and Ethel Mary Barnett.

Jan. 26th – Walker James, son of Walker Henry and Rose Hannah Biley (of Leighton)

Feb. 6th – Ethel May, daughter of Albert and Ethel Syratt, of Wing

Mar. 5th – Alfred Edwin, son of Alfred and Daisy Green

Mar. 18th – Percy Charles, son of Joseph and Amy Clark

Mar. 19th – Edmund Beresford, son of John Beresford and Emily Eva Richardson, of Wayside, Heath

May 7th – Ivy Muriel, daughter of Herbert Reginald and Alice Rickard, of Burcott

May 7th – Violet May, daughter of Harold Joseph and Ruth Lovell, of Burcott

May 10th – Francis Leslie, son of John and Mary Eleanor Edgar, of Ascott

June 11th – Elsie Beatrice, daughter of Frederick Forsyth, Gunner, R.F.A., and Emily, his wife, of Littleworth

June 14th – Arthur William, son of William John and Alice Page of Wing

Aug. 6th – Hilda Florence Bandy, daughter of William and Amy Bandy

Aug. 6th – Olive Rose Carter, daughter of Percy and Emily Carter

Aug. 13th – Edith Mary Bray, daughter of Herbert and Laura Bray

Aug. 18th – Kathleen Nancy Frost, daughter of Charles and Annie Frost

Sept. 24th – Gwendoline Amy, daughter of William and Lily Taylor, of Littleworth

Sept. 24th – Thomas Lawrence, son of Jesse and Gwendoline Jordan, of Wing

Oct. 1st – Mary Frances, daughter of Alexander Edward and Elinor Mary Baynes

Oct. 1st – Percy Ernest, son of Ernest Fredk., and Mabel Rose Prentice

Oct. 1st – Edward James, son of James and Minnie Temple

Oct. 8th – Edward William, son of Edward and Ethel Rose Payne, of Southampton

Nov. 5th – Sydney Joseph, son of Benjamin and Elizabeth Sarah Pease

Nov. 5th – Arthur John, son of William and Mary Sullivan, of Forest Gate

Nov. 14th – Charles Ralph Woodwards

Dec. 31st – Doris Emily (born Dec. 2nd), daughter of Alfred Biggs, R.N., and Salome Alice Biggs, of Wing


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