Red Cross Fundraising

In October 1916 the village held a Red Cross ‘Our Day’ to raise funds for the work the Red Cross was doing. The Girls’ School held a Bazaar and tea with contributions from all over the village. There was also a house to house collection carried out by Mrs. Tarver, Misses Garth, Adams, H. Tatham, and Mrs. A. Heley as they went around the village pushing the organ. A collection was also made in Church, the amount as follows:-

Proceeds of the Bazaar and Tea £22 3s. 7d.; Collected in the village £28 10s. 7d.; Collected in the Church £19 15s. which totalled to £70 9s. 2d. In total for 1916 the amount raised for the Red Cross was £174 7s. 11d. £54 was spent on materials for the work parties and that still had £15 3s. 10d. in hand, but the rest was sent onto Red Cross headquarters.

In July 1917 Grove held an “Our Day” with a Garden Party held by Mrs. Warren as well as a concert and dance. They raised £42 with Wing contributing a total of £58 15s. through various events including Empire Day at the School, Rummage Sale and the sale of Cinema Tickets.

Another “Our Day” was held in October 1917. The Schools put their work on sale and that was opened by the Countess Yarborough. The girls had on sale their needlework as well as other contributions from the village. The sale made £25 and was added to the total to be raised in November. Grove also contributed £16 15s. 8d. and that made a total of £61 15s. 8d.

In 1918 across Bucks. a “Special Effort for 1918” tombola was held by the Council. Bucks. Was at the forefront of work for the Red Cross and so a special appeal was made. The tombola prizes were ‘land, houses, works of art, antique furniture, jewellery, plate, dresses, furs etc.’ Each ticket was 1s. and Wing had applied for 1600 for each member of the village. It was reported in the June edition that a total of 300,000 tickets had been sold, Linslade Division selling 8,000.


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