Baptisms 1917

Mar. 4th – Lucille Betty, daughter of Walter and Winifred Long

Mar. 4th – Edward Thomas, son of John and Lily Hounslow

Mar. 4th – Phyllis Ruth, daughter of Walter and Naomi Sanders

May 6th – Margaret Joan, daughter of William Duckett and Edith Emma Southern, of Burcott

May 6th – Alma Mary, daughter of Charles Thomas and Alice Maud Marriott

May 11th – (privately) Charles, son of Bernal and Alice Rickard, of Burcott

June 17th – Anthony Francis Garth, son of John and Helen Tarver

Sept. 12th – John Ronald, son of John and Mary Eleanor Edgar, of Ascott

Sept. 23rd – Ronald William, son of Ernest and Florence Margaret Rickard, of Wing

Nov. 18th – Frank, son of Bert and Ruth Randall, of Wing

Dec. 30th – Sybil Rosalie, daughter of henry A. and Ada L. Haynes, of Wing


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