Marriages 1917

Mar. 24th – James Curveon to Florence Mary Sturgeon

Mar. 26th – William Rickard to Ann Gibbs

Apr. 19th – Bernard Whitehall Fountaine, of Lower Wingbury, to Lucy Florence Gates, daughter of Baron Fredk. John Gates, of Wing Park

May 28th – William Tibbles, of Northwick, Middlesex, to Millicent Mary Jeffs, of Crafton, Wing

June 2nd – Harry George Edwards to Hilda Florence Baker

July 4th – Charles Charnock, soldier, to Nellie Hilda Winifred Bandy, of Burcott, munitions worker

Aug. 1st – Arthur Furniss, soldier of the Canadian Contingent, to Annie Sophie Lampard, of Littleworth

Nov. 3rd – John Roberts, soldier, to Alice Fountaine, munition worker, both of Wing

Dec. 4th – Charles Archer, of Sidcup, Kent, to Emily Jane, daughter of Frederick Yates, of Burcott

Dec. 13th – Joseph John Green, soldier, of Wing, to Hilda Eleanor, daughter of John Temple, Wing

Dec. 20th – George William Pidgley (R.N. Flying Corps), of Wingrave, to Louisa Annie, daughter of William Watson, of Wing


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