Burials 1916

Jan. 4th – William James Biggs, of Rose Cottage, Wing, aged 66

Jan. 15th – Hannah Hounslow, widow, High Street, Wing, aged 79

Jan. 29th – Grove. Charlotte Eliza Draper, widow of the late George Draper, of Grove Farm, aged 63

Feb. 6th – Eliza Roadnight, widow, aged 82

Feb. 15th – Charles Woodwards, son of Harry and Mary Ann Woodwards, aged 14

Feb. 29th – Levi Rickard of the Dormer Almshouses, aged 61

Mar. 1st – Matilda Windmill, daughter of John Windmill, of Old Park Farm, Wing, aged 54

Mar. 22nd – Kate Rickard, wife of William Rickard and daughter of James Prentice, aged 39

May 25th – Elizabeth Woodwards, aged 45

June 12th – Eva Mary Dudley, aged 15

June 19th – Thomas Dimmock, of Wing, aged 69

June 20th – Edward Whitman, Parish Clerk, aged 69

Aug. 1st – Fanny Woodwards, aged 72

Aug. 26th – Thomas John Green, aged 52

Sept. 11th – George Bull, of Wing, aged 77

Sept. 14th – Moses Syratt, of Burcott, 79

Oct. 14th – Hannah Elizabeth, wife of James Prentice, of Wing, aged 65

Nov. 1st – Martha Pratt, of Littleworth, aged 86

Nov. 9th – Thomas Bolton, aged 76

Nov. 22nd – Thomas Mead, aged 17

Dec. 13th – Eric John, child of Frederick Corkett, aged 18 days

Dec. 18th – Ellen Jane, daughter of (late) James and Matilda Roadnight, aged 11

Dec. 28th – John Windmill, of Old Park Farm, aged 89


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