Baptisms 1918

Feb. 10th – Frances Annie Page, daughter of Frank and Sarah Page

Feb. 27th – Mabel Dimmock, daughter of Reginald A. and Florence J. Noke

Mar. 13th – Grace Allman, daughter of Joseph and Rose Allman

Mar. 17th – Olive Helen Redrup, daughter of Norman and Kate Redrup

Mar. 20th – Ivy Lathwell, daughter of George and Amy Lathwell

Mar. 30th – Percy William, son of William and Florence Kenning

Apr. 7th – Gladys Winifred, daughter of Harold Joseph and Ruth Lovell

May 19th – Frank Albert, son of Albert Henry and Ann Elizabeth Gibbs, of London

May 26th – Eileen Rosemary, daughter of Victor Harry and Louise Lawrence

May 26th – Sybil Joyce, daughter of William Albert and Lily Matilda Hyde


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