List of those fighting

September 1914:-

Albert Bandy, Harvey Beard, James Bull (Crafton), Alec Gates, William Gates, Alfred Green, John Green, Edward Guess, Horace Haines, Charles Hatley, James Holton, Harry Kempster (Crafton), William Kenning, Jesse Lane, Percy Lane, Frank Langley, James Laurence, Samuel Laurence, Victor Laurence, William Morton, Harry Page, Eric Pantling, James Paxton, Harry Pratt, Edward Ramsay, Reginald Randall, Lewis Rogers, Anthony Rothschild, Evelyn Rothschild, Lionel Rothschild, H. Watson, Ernest Willis, Charles Wright.

January 1915:-

Albert Bandy, R.F.A.; Chas. Badrick, R. Bucks. Hussars; Harvey Beard, R. Flying Corps (Expeditionary Force); Harry Beilby, Gren. Guards; Chas. Beilby, Rifle Brigade; Jesse Bolton, Oxf. L. Inf; James Bolton, Worc. Regt.; Wm. Bull, Ox. L. Inf; Alec Bates, R. Fusiliers; John Bock, R.A.M.C.; Wm. Corkett, Beds. Regt.; Fred Corkett, R.F.A.; Thos. Dickens, 17th Lancers; George Dimmock, Gren. Guards.; Edw. Doggett, R.H.A.; George Faulkner, R.F.A.; W. French, Lincolnshire Regt,; Alec Gates, R.H.A.; Wm. Gates, 2nd Life Guards; Sidney Gates, Beds. Regt.; W. G. Garfoth, Lieut. Scots Guards; Jasper Gardner, R. Bucks. Hussars; Alfred Green, Beds. Regt.; Edwin Green, London Scottish; Robert Green, Camerons; John Green, Bucks. Hussars; Edward Guess, R.N., H.M.S. “Hampshire”; Sidney Guess, L.K.A.; Wm. Guess, Beds. Terr.; Horace Haines, Bucks. Hussars; John Hall, L.K.A.; Reg Harris, L.K.A.; Chas. Hatley, R.E.; James Holton, Bucks. Hussars; Joseph Hammerton, Duke of Lancaster’s Own; Fred Horne, R.E.; Dennis Horne, Bucks. Hussars; Edwin Jordan, Beds. Regt.; Fred Jordan, Beds. Yeomanry; Lionel Jordan, L.K.A.; Owen Kempster, Ox. L. Inf.; Harry Kempster, Oxf. L. Inf.; Arthur Kempster, Canadian Contingent; Harry Kent, L.K.A.; Wm.Kenning, Beds. Regt.; Jesse Lane, R.N., Wireless Operator Torpedo Boat; Percy Lane, Beds. Regt.; Frank Langley, James Laurence, Samuel Lawrence, Bucks. Hussars; Victor Laurence, Beds. Terr.; Wm. Morton, Frank Nelson, Harry Page, Bucks. Hussars; Eric Pantling, R.N. (formerly H.M.S. “Pegasus”), James Paxton, Worc. Regiment; Wm. Pease, Beds. Regt.; Sidney Piper, R.E.; Earnest Pollard, Bucks. Hussars; Wm. Pollard, Oxf. Lt. Inf.; Arthur Pratt, L.K.A.; Harry Pratt, Beds. Terr.; Wm. Pope, L.K.A.; Herbert Prime, Ox. Lt. Inf.; Edward Ramsay, K. R. Rif.; Edwin Randall, Gren. Guards; Reg. Randall, Sherwood Foresters; James Reeves, L.K.A.; Lionel Rothschild, Major, Bucks. Hussars; Evelyn Rothschild, Anthony Rothschild, Lieuts. Bucks. Hussars; Joseph Rogers, Ox. Lt. Inf.; Lewis Rogers, Bucks. Hussars; Thomas Rowe, R.F.A.; Frederick Smith, Bucks. Hussars; Walter Samuels, 17th Lancers; Wm. Stansfield, Beds. Terr.; Ernest Syratt, Henry Thompson, L.K.A.; James Timms, Red Cross Motor; Harry Watson, N. Staffordshire Regt.; Ernest Willis, 7th Norfolks; Wilfred Willis, Red Cross Motor; Horace Willis, R. Fus.; Geo. Woodwards and Chas Wright, Bucks. Hussars.

February 1915:-

George Anderson, Chas. Badrick, Albert and James Bandy, Harvey Beard, Chas. And Henry Bielby, John Bock, Jesse Bolton, Francis Bryant, James and William Bull, Fred and William Corkett, Arthur Cutler, Thos. Dickens, George Dimmock, Edward Doggett, George Faulkner, William G. Garforth, Alec, Sidney and Wm. Gates, Jasper Gardner, Alfred, Edwin, Robert and John Green, Thos. Grundy, Edward, Fred, Wm. and Sidney Guess, Horace Haines, Harold Hammerton, John Hall, Reginald Harris, Chas. Hatley, James Holton, Chas. Hooker, Dennis and Fred Horne, Herbert Jones, Edward, Fred, Joseph and Lionel Jordan, Arthur, Harry and Owen Kempster, William Kenning, Harry Kent, Jesse and Percy Lane, Frank Langley, James, Samuel and Victor Lawrence, Wm., John and Wm. Lloyd, Fred Lovell, William Morton, Fred Nelson, Sidney Piper, Harry Page, Eric Pantling, James Paxton, Harry Pitchford, Ernest and Wm. Pollard, William Pope, Arthur and Harry Pratt, Geo. And Herbert Prime, Edward Ramsay, Edwin, Herbert and Reginald Randall, James Reeves, Oscar Rimmington, Joseph and Lewis Rogers, Lionel, Evelyn and Anthony Rothschild, Henry and Walter Samuels, Fenwick Smith, Wm. Stansfield, Henry Still, John Stribbing, Ernest Syratt, Harry Switzer, Henry Thomas, James Timms, Joseph Turnell, Harry Watson, Ernest, Horace and Wilfred Willis, George Woodwards and Chas. Wright.

Christmas Parcels December 1916:-

NAMES OF RECIPIENTS.- T. Bandy, H. Bandy, A. Bolton, H. Bolton, J. Bolton, W. Bolton, H. Beard, A. Bone, F. Bryant, H. Bray, S. Brown, H. J. Carter, F. Cheshire, H. Clarke, F. Corkett, A. Cutler, H. Denchfield, G. Dimmock, T. Dimmock, W. Dodd, W. Dollimore, E. Doggett, W. Essex, W. Evans, G. Faulkner, L. Faulkner, A. Gardner, A. Gates, W. Gates, A. W. Green, J. Green, A. Green, R. Green, P. Goodway, C. Guess, H. Hammerton, J. Houlton, W. Horne, E. Jordan, F. Jordan, W. Jordan, J. Lane, P. Lane, J. Lawrence, S. Lawrence, F. Langley, W. J. Long, H. Lovell, W. Kent, J. E. Pantling, A. Paxton, J. Pickering, H. Pease, J. Pease, A. Pitchford, A. Pitchford, H. Pitchford, J. Pitchford, E. Pollard, W. Pollard, E. Pratt, H. Pratt, J. Pugh, F. Redrup, G. Randall, E. Randall, A. Robinson, C. Sawyer, H. Samuels, W. Samuels, H. Smith, G. Taylor, T. Taylor, J. Timms, H. Watson, E. Willis, W. Willis, M. White, A. Woolhead, W. Woolhead, W. Woolhead, G. Woolhead, A. Woodwards, G. Woodward, T. Yates.

Christmas Parcels December 1917:-

France (81).- A. Green, E. Willis, W. Willis, J. Timms, J. F. Timms, H. Lovell, W. Clarke, E. Doggett, G. Cutler, H. Carter, W. Jordan, J. Green, A. Robinson, J. Bolton, G. Lathwell, A. Edwards, H. Bandy, V. Lawrence, J. Pease, A. Woolhead, S. Brown, E. Randall, A. Page, T. Yates, A. W. Bolton, C. Guess, H. Guess, C. Prentice, C. Marriott, H. Lovell, A. Randall, A. Groves, B. Bolton, G. Woodwards, H. Varney, W. Pollard, A. Bone, H. Denchfield, H. Watson, A. Pitchford, W. Horne, G. Wells, G. Woolhead, A. Gates, S. Gates, H. Bolton, H. Bray, G. Taylor, H. Taylor, W. Long, W. Essex, W. Kent, A. Paxton, D. Randall, B. Randall, A. Garndiner, A. Roper, G. Randall, J. Smith, E. Ramsay, E. G. Jordan, J. Faulkner, T. Pratt, H. Hammerton, F. Woodwards, E. Jordan, F. Jordan, W. Samuels, W. Stansfield, F. Langley, C. Rice, R. Reynolds, W. Corkett, H. Samuels, F. Cheshire, G. Butcher, H. Thompson, R. Harris, Studwick, H. Clarke, G. Jennings, G. Woodwards.

Egypt (17).- W. Bolton, J. Laurence, S. Laurence, J. Smith, C. Rowe, W. Bone, G. Faulkner, J. Jordan, M. White, J. Houlton, C. Badrick, P. Lane, H. Haynes, C. Wright, P. Donaldson, W. Dodd, B. Mead.

Egypt and Mespotamia (10).- L. Rickard, W. Gates, H. Smith, W. Evans, J. Pitchford, H. Pitchford, R. Kent, W. Biley, W. Page.

Salonica (9).- J. Bolton, F. Guess, W. Dollimore, V. Piper, W. Woolhead, W. Willis, W. Dewar, A. Marriott, F. Dimmock.

East Africa (4).- P/ Goodway, C. Remington, R. Randall, E. Pantling.

Royal Navy.- Jesse Lane.

This is not a comprehensive list of those who fought for Wing during the War. Not all names were recorded in the Parish Magazine and not all were sent parcels.


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