The VAD was made up of both men and women doing various jobs from nursing to orderlies, ambulance drivers, and many more roles. In 1914 Miss Helen Tatham, Mrs. Grinstead, Misses Beatrice Mould and Mary Page started working in the Military Hospital in Aylesbury, The Royal Bucks. Hospital. There was also a Military Hospital in Leighton Buzzard but there is no record in the Magazines of anyone from Wing working there.

In January 1915 the men were called up. G. Prime, W. Lloyd, T. Lloyd, W. Lloyd, F. Guess, F. Lovell and C. Hooker and where sent to Southampton. ‘A letter from G. Prime announcing their safe arrival describes how they had at once been told off to assist in carrying 1,000 wounded men from ashore to the ship. These go either into Hospital there, or most of them, to the trains to convey them to various hospitals all over the country.’

Working as a nurse in a VAD hospital you would generally have to have a First Aid Certificate and Home Nursing as well. In July 1917 the situation became desperate and there were not enough nurses to do the amount of work required. The Red Cross dropped the Certificate requirements and appealed to anyone aged between 21 and 48, with pay at £20 and an allowance it was hoped that women from all over, including Wing, would volunteer to work.


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