Wing Dispensary

The Dispensary had been going for many years, created by the Revd. H. Tatham and Mr. Charles Cotes. Tied in with Charlotte Cottage Hospital it enabled the village to have doctors and midwives, as well as the hospital, without having to find the money to pay when it was needed. In 1911 a limited National Insurance was introduced but Wing still felt it very necessary to keep the Dispensary going. Subscriptions were paid and money was collected in the Church and the Chapels. In 1914 there were 452 subscribers, 1915 had 429, 416 in 1916, even the Football Club contributed by a £4 donation in 1915.

The accounts are as follows:-

Wing Dispensary July 1915

Wing Dispensary April 1916

Wing Dispensary March 1917

Wing Dispensary March 1918


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